Hearing the word politics, we can’t help but imagine the politicians arguing and attempting to score some points by degrading the other. Toxicity in politics impacts how we engage in conversations with our fellow citizens, especially those we disagree with.

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Attacking the policy gets less attention than attacking the person itself

It would be nicer if politicians could only talk about the policies, their potential flaws and upsides, but instead we see the them ripping on each other to score the political points. This isn’t entirely their fault, they do this because it appeals to the masses. It turns out that people, in general, would be more interested in seeing two…

Newton’s three laws of motion are the corner stone of classical physics, and majority of the natural phenomena that we see and encounter in our everyday lives can be explained by these, so a solid understanding of these laws will help us better understand the world around us, and will make our lives easier.

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Natural Philosophy

Newtons laws are rigorous and are grounded in mathematics, but one does not have to be a mathematician or have expertise in math to understand and appreciate the beauty of these laws. If one is curious enough to know about the universe, which I presume most…

Many are fascinated by the concept of AI, and yet many are worried that it might pose some serious threats to humanity. Before reaching any conclusion, it’s important to know how the two types of intelligence differs.

AI, an acronym for Artificial Intelligence, is a concept which is few decades old now, the term was first coined by John McCarthy in 1956. And the idea of having machine based intelligence can be found in some of Turing’s work also. While the idea had been there for quite sometime, it has only just recently begun to see the tremendous development. And this can entirely be attributed to the progress in hardware and software technology. The arrival of internet sped up the process several folds. …

One of the most fascinating ideas in all of Computer Science, Philosophy, and Mathematics in general, is Halting Problem. But understanding it is not difficult at all.

When the mechanical machines became widespread in solving the difficult problems, the question was raised whether there is a way to find if there exist some problems which computer machine will never be able to solve regardless of how advance, fast or intelligent it may be. Every computer follows an algorithm — program that tells it what to do — to produce an output, so in order to know if there are certain problems (also algorithms), used as the inputs, that may not produce any output we need to have a program which would tell us exactly that. …

Cultural obsession with beauty is just as old and dynamic as the definition of the beauty itself, with now popularly held notion that beauty doesn’t have objective standards but it is perceived differently by different observers.

Before we inspect what beauty is for different people with different tastes, we need to be clear on what we mean by beauty. It’s no secret that we live in an ugly world. An imperfect world with a lot of problems, natural ones and the ones caused by the man out of ignorance. In such a chaotic world with extreme competition for survival, there are rarely the moments which make us forget about all the ugly aspects of existence and just be joyful. The objects, the art forms, and the events that make those moments possible can be called beautiful…

Universe is, undoubtedly, huge. And the quest to know our position in it has bothered humans since ages.

Man looking up at the stars and contemplating

The Universe we find ourselves in is billions of years old, 13.8 to be precise. Life started on it much much later, and as a consequence of slow, but steady and effective process of evolution, the most evolved form of life — humans — have started to think about the mysteries that surround the universe and place that they have in this continually expanding and seemingly endless universe. …

Science and Art are usually thought to be the two different ways to view the world, but are they? and which is better?

Michael Jackson portrait by my brother

It took my brother several days to complete the Michael Jackson portrait. Computer papers of different colors, cut in different small sizes and finally glued together to form the beautiful piece. Reimagining the world around him and then describing it in the form of computer graphics, or hand-paintings has always been his hobby. My brother is what an ordinary person would describe as an artist, and I think he really is.

I, on the other hand, used…

Thinking is generally a good habit, in fact the only thing that separates us from the rest of the species inhabiting the earth is our ability to think critically, deeply and abstractly. Thinking isn’t necessarily good when we overdo it, this type of thinking is called over thinking. It is when we keep thinking about the same problem/event without adding any value to the output.

You are invited to the birthday party of your once best friend, but you have to prepare for the exam, now instead of reaching the conclusive decision, you keep thinking wether going to the party…

I like to learn, write and engineer.

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